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Susan walked us down HER life's path, eloquently and humbly. Why? …. To illuminate the conclusion that our life's work is to heal from within. To forgive. And love oneself.

I'm grateful she's shared her story and equally excited that she creates ripple effects of healing with her own counseling practice.

Bravo Susan!!

Dena Breslin
Chief Inspiration Officer
DenaB Coaching

It is most difficult to overcome significant loss, trauma, or mental health conditions such as depression or ADHD. Often, it can become a real challenge to our sense of self-esteem, support systems, meaning in life and will to carry on. In her writing of the chapter, The Other Side, Susan Grubb, MA LPC, presents much of her life journey and the struggles she has endured and ultimately had to face head on. It is a courageous story of learning about herself and to love herself. It is a story of resilience, growth, and connection. There are strong messages of hope, self-healing, finding your purpose in life and never giving up. With much introspection, the support of a young son and the help of a therapist, she has gotten "to the other side" where she has the skills to face what life inevitably throws at us and where she has the strength to grow to her true potential. The desire to share what she has learned through her journey and help others in their own demonstrate the amazing transformation which has occurred. I highly recommend reading of this inspirational life story.

Charles Thomas Smoot, MA
Licensed Psychologist

Learning about Susan's journey is inspiring. Her exploration to not only learn and grow from her pain, but also to use her past experiences to fuel a completely new career and path in life is a lesson that it is possible to move past even the moments we think may break us. Her story is relatable for so many people and shows the honest truth in the difficulty of healing from emotional trauma and grief. Her story also shows it is possible to have a light at the end of the tunnel and that someone can not only heal from a difficult past but that there is potential to lead a positive life and even have a positive impact on others.

Jennifer Cina, MS, NCC